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Day 9. Old School Rice Pud (mum’s vintage recipe)

With 3 kilos of risotto rice in the cupboard I was hoping this would help, but the recipe only calls for 50 grams 🤣

50g rice, short grain, pudding, or risotto

A pint of full fat milk

A generous tablespoon of golden syrup

A knob of butter

A pinch or grating of nutmeg


Set the oven to 150 degrees.

Put all the ingredients into a casserole and cook for half an hour.

Give everything a stir, then grate over some nutmeg, return to the oven and don’t fiddle with it again so the delicious skin can form undisturbed.

Lower the temp to 130 and cook for about another hour but take the pud out while it’s still a bit runny. Leave for 15 mins before eating.

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