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34. Pinenut & Rosemary Brittle

I made this to be crushed and mixed through a rosemary caramel ice cream but the brittle is so good it’s worth making just to snack on or crumble over shop bought vanilla. The recipe is from Kitty Travers book.

100g pinenuts

100g caster sugar

1 heaped tsp glucose syrup

20g butter

15g rosemary leaves

1/4 tsp baking powder

1tsp sea salt flakes


Cut 2 large sheets of grease proof paper (about 40x50cm) and get a wooden rolling pin at the ready. Lay one sheet on a heatproof flat surface.

Toast the pine nuts very gently in a dry pan til warmed and just coloured, 7-8 minutes. Tip into a bowl and cover with a tea towel to keep warm.

Heat the sugar, glucose and a tablespoon of water slowly in a heavy based pan until the sugar has dissolved, swirling the pan but not stirring. Add the butter and bring to the boil then cook until the mix reaches 150 on a digital thermometer, and is a dark caramel colour.

Meanwhile add the rosemary leaves, baking powder and salt to the pine nuts and give it a good stir.

When the sugar has reached temperature tip in the pine nut mix and whisk well to combine, then give the nuts a minute or two to turn golden before tipping out onto the grease proof. Quickly cover with the second sheet and roll out to about 5mm thick. Leave to cool completely then store in big shards in an airtight container.

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