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Day 7. Saucy Saturday 🤗 Aioli and Green Olive & Chilli Salsa

We went OUT OUT, fired up the pizza oven and had lunch in the garden...


2 egg yolks

A clove of garlic, crushed

A teaspoon of Dijon

Juice of half a lemon

About 100ml of oil, ideally a mix of veg oil and golden rapeseed, or veg oil and olive oil


You can use a small processor or just a whisk.

Combine the yolks, garlic, Dijon and lemon with a good pinch of salt then very slowly add the oils to emulsify. Taste and add more salt/lemon to balance. Keep it loose ish!!!


About 150g green olives, pitted

2 cloves garlic, finely crushed

2 red or green chillies, finely chopped

3 pickled guindilla chillies if you have them

A handful each of mint and coriander, chopped

Juice of a lemon

Splash of white balsamic or white wine vinegar

About 50ml olive oil


Roughly chop the olives and pickled chillies

Combine with all the other ingredients adding the oil at the end until you have a nice moist consistency 😳

We made some hummus and homemade pitta too, and roasted a chicken on top of chorizo, potatoes and fennel with sage butter stuffed under its skin. Ate it with the aioli and olive salsa GREEDY BASTARDS 🤣🤗

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