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Day 4. Fried Eggs, Cumin and Soft Leaves

I need to stop eating 🙄

Jesus Christ if I carry on like this for 3 weeks I will turn into Mr Creosote.

I have decided to get dressed each morning as pyjamas are deceptively elasticated and it’s not doing me any favours.

This is a lush dish, I know it sounds weird but I bloody love it and you KNOW I’M ALWAYS RIGHT!

2tsp cumin seeds

Pinch of Aleppo chilli flakes or any chilli flakes!

EVOO (ex virgin olive oil)

2 eggs

A plate full of the nicest soft/baby leaves you can find

Salt, hopefully Maldon 🥰


Gently toast the cumin seeds in a small dry frying pan for a couple of minutes til they smell lush then crush them lightly in a pestle and mortar or with a rolling pin.

In the same pan fry the eggs in some olive oil.

Put the leaves on a plate and dress with a drizzle of evoo and some salt.

Top with the eggs, plenty of cumin, a pinch of chilli and a bit more salt.

Eat it sitting outside with this sun on your face if you can 💕

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