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98. Day 1, Lockdown 2: BREAKFAST

Bearnaise Buttered Kale & Soft Salami Scrambled Eggs

So here we go again. Drove home Wednesday night after a frantic few days following Saturdays bombshell trying to navigate this next challenge without too much destruction. At least we had a few days notice to use all our prep. What was left got shared out amongst the team and we brought a bit of stuff home with us including some amazing flavoured butters that had only just arrived in stock. And like last time our fridge contained some random contents yesterday morning but included a bag of torn kale, and half a log of beautiful soft, fragrant Napoli salami.

I've been desperate to try these Sublime Butter flavoured butters and the lovely sharp tarragon flavours of their Bearnaise Butter were brilliant with scrambled eggs and made perfect sense. You could use tarragon and butter instead but if you can find these I can vouch for their deliciousness and they are great flavour bombs to have kicking around.


Ingredients for 2:

6 eggs

Large knob of butter for scrambling

50g salami (or proscuitto) cut into fine strips

2 tbsp olive oil

80g kale, picked and torn

20g bearnaise flavoured butter

(or 20g butter, plus 2 sprigs of chopped fresh tarragon leaves and 1tsp white wine vinegar)

Toast to serve


Season and beat the eggs with a fork then slowly scramble them in butter over a low heat stirring gently and frequently but most definitely not constantly, until they are soft, creamy and unctuous. Take them off the heat when they're not quite ready, stir in the salami, and leave to sit on the side and finish cooking in residual heat; you can always pop them back on for a minute when you're ready to serve.

Meanwhile heat the oil in a large frying pan and cook the kale over a fairly high heat for about 5 minutes, tossing frequently, until cooked through and charred round the edges. Season well and stir through the flavoured butter (or butter and tarragon) until melted and starting to sizzle. If using flavoured butter remove from heat now. If using butter and tarragon now's the time to sprinkle over the vinegar and leave on the heat for a few more seconds.

Pile the eggs onto warm toast then top with a mound of the buttered kale.

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