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92. Blistered Cherry Tomato & Barley Salad

Lush salad with gorgeous textures of chewy barley, crunchy courgettes and the sweet burst of concentrated roast tomato juices; all beautifully decorated with our veg patch flowers. Though I do say so myself. 🤣

For 4:

200g pearl barley

300g baby plum tomatoes

2tsp sherry or red wine vinegar

1 clove garlic, finely crushed

4tbsp extra virgin olive oil

4 baby courgettes (with flowers if pos!)

100g feta cheese

2tbsp greek basil leaves

2tbsp mixed toasted seeds

1tsp sumac

1tsp aleppo or regular chilli flakes


Cook the barley in boiling salted water until soft but still with a little bite, drain well then dress with the vinegar, garlic and half the oil while still warm. Season with salt and pepper, mix well and tip into a serving bowl.

Meanwhile fry the tomatoes in the rest of the oil over a medium high heat until blistered and softened; about 6 minutes. Season and tip onto the barley along with the burst juices.

Slice the courgettes into thin coins, reserving the flowers, and add to the bowl, then crumble in the feta and finally add the seeds, herbs and spices.

Give it all a gentle toss and check the seasoning. Tear any courgette flowers on top to garnish.


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