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64. Simple Salad

This doesn’t really constitute a recipe but is one of my favourite things to eat nonetheless 🥗🍋 Can only be done when you have your hands on fantastic leaves and we are lucky to have @padstowkitchengarden on our doorstep, and are picking our home grown mizuna, but maybe not after the storm that’s currently blowing outside has done its damage 🙄

Mark made crumbed chicken to go with it and and we used the dregs of amazing River Cafe olive oil to dress the leaves. You need to crack open your finest oil for this.


Crisp leaves

Extra Virgin olive oil

Maldon salt




Wash the lettuce in cold water and spin dry, this always improves salad leaves. Dress generously, delicately, and passionately with oil, salt and lemon (the holy salad trinity) and use a veg peeler to shave over fine strips of Parmesan.

That’s it.

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