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50. Green Tahini Potato Salad

We managed to get our hands on some brilliant Belazu tahini that doesn’t go hard and separate just stays smooth and creamy and makes a great sauce. Used to make a salad like this with rough chopped pesto which is lovely too. Serve the veg still warm so they soak up the sauce.

Green Tahini:

1-2 garlic cloves, crushed

2 handfuls soft herb leaves

(Any mix of parsley/basil/coriander/mint/dill)

100g tahini

Squeeze of honey

Juice of half a lemon

50ml olive oil

50-100 ml cold water


Blitz the herbs, garlic and tahini in a blender with some salt for a minute, add the lemon, honey and oil and blitz again then pour on the water slowly using as much as you need to make a lovely smooth creamy drizzlable consistency. Taste and adjust the lemon/honey/salt.

For the veg:

Soft green leaves


Sprouting broccoli

New potatoes


Cook the veg in boiling salted water how you like it [perfect asparagus/al dente broccoli/soft potatoes😜] drain and toss with a couple of spoons of sauce while warm. Dress the leaves with olive oil, lemon and salt then tip on the warm veg and drizzle over a bit more sauce. Serve with anything: fish, sausages, roast chicken, or just dig in as is. Toasted seeds on top add a nice bit of crunch.

Happy Bank Holiday VE Day

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