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45. Sea Purslane Pesto

My sis @sarahwickins picked me a big bag of sea purslane from little petherick creek and we used some as a snack fried in tempura, then yesterday I tried a pesto and it was banging! Went fantastically well with the lamb shoulder.

I know it’s another foraging recipe but useful for anyone near the sea, or on your next coastal holiday please please let that be soon for everyone 🙏

Measurements are approx!

100g sea purslane

1/2 clove garlic

25g pinenuts

50ml olive oil


Pick the leaves from the purslane and discard the woody stems. Bring a pan of water to the boil then blanch the leaves for 20-30 seconds, drain and refresh in cold water then dry on kitchen paper.

I made the pesto by smashing the pine nuts and garlic with a teeny bit of salt for abrasion in a pestle and mortar, then adding the purslane leaves and pounding till they broke down, then stirred in enough oil until it had a nice creamy texture but you could use a food processor. It probably won’t need salt! It’s a lovely zingy fresh tasting pesto.

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