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42. Aperitivo Tempura

Happy May Day 💙❤️💙

For the first part of our lockdown Venetian feast we rummaged around for things to dunk in the most crispy tempura. My sister @sarahwickins had picked us a huge bag of sea purslane down the creek (trying a pesto with it later) so that was our starting point. Make as much as you fancy, and use what you have... We used:

1 tin of anchovy fillets

Half a lemon, sliced as thin as you can

A handful of parsley sprigs

A handful of sage leaves

A handful of sea purslane sprigs

For the batter:

70g cornflour

30g plain flour

80ml fizzy water

A handful of ice cubes

You also need veg or sunflower oil for frying.


Get you veg/herbs/bits ready and put a high sided pan with a couple of inches of oil on to heat.

Whisk the flours together with a teaspoon of salt, then whisk in the water and the ice.

As soon as the oil reaches 180 or when a little batter sizzles when it hits the oil, dip one piece at a time into the batter to coat, then quickly and carefully drop them into the hot oil and fry for a minute or so to crisp, lift out and drain on kitchen paper while you finish the rest. Don’t overcrowd the pan, just fry a few pieces at a time.

Sprinkle with salt and serve with egg yolk sauce (from recipe 32) for dunking 😋

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