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37. Fresh Harissa

So delicious and can be tweaked to suit how spicy you want it. I had frozen chillies that go a bit soft, so great for this recipe. Shop bought harissa is great but fresh is the only way for dunking, spreading, and splodging.

This makes about 6 dessertspoonfulls 🤪

About 100g fresh red chillies (5 or 6) - use more if you want it really spicy

A heaped tablespoon of seeds, a mix of caraway, cumin and coriander, freshly (roughly) ground in a pestle and mortar

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

80g ish roasted peppers from a jar

1 heaped tsp tomato purée

2tsp vinegar

1tsp smoked paprika

2-3 tbsp olive oil


Deseed and roughly chop the chillies then blitz with the spices and garlic in a small processor for long enough to purée to a paste, a good couple of minutes, scraping down the sides. Add the peppers and blitz for another minute before adding the rest of the ingredients and blitz til smooth. Scrape into a bowl, season with salt and pepper, then taste and adjust the seasoning adding more vinegar/salt etc as you feel. Add more olive oil to loosen if it’s too thick. Should be a ketchupy consistency.

Great with grilled meats or fish, in sandwiches, added to stews, folded through mayo or yoghurt, loosened to make a dressing, or just dunk crisps into it!!! 🌶

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