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20. Magic Salad with Pea Aioli

A favourite staff lunch during all my years of catering, when there’s stuff to use up.

Salad leaves or torn lettuces

Toasted pine nuts

Slow roast cherry toms


Spicy chorizo and a couple of slices of ham

Shredded raw sugar snaps

Spring onions

Herbs, basil & mint


I’ve listed above what I used, but it’s a question of what you’ve got. I chopped up the chorizo, fried it to release its oil, then fried the ham and spring onions with it for a couple of minutes. The feta was leftover and I’ve stored it in olive oil to stop it going weird and yeasty, which I think it does once it’s been opened.

The roasted tomatoes have been hanging around for a while too.

Toss all your bits together then drizzle with lemon, salt and olive oil, and blob on the aioli.

Alongside I toasted some slices of my dodgy seascape focaccia, then rubbed them with garlic, and the cut side of half a tomato, poured on our best olive oil and sprinkled with Maldon.

Pea Aioli:

Defrost 2 handfuls of peas, squeeze out the excess water in a clean j-cloth, then mash or purée in a processor and push the mixture through a fine sieve to make it as smooth as possible, discarding the pulp. Combine the purée with an equal quantity of aioli from RECIPE 7 to create a beautiful sweet green mayo. We had it with the lobsters last night 😜

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