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Day 11. Granola (Milk Shed recipe 😍)

Made this yesterday and dug out lots of old dubious odds and sods of nuts, seeds and fruits. Great way of using up those bits and making something fab that you can’t stop eating...

2tbsp veg oil

125g maple syrup

2tbsp honey

1tsp vanilla extract

300g rolled oats

100g assorted seeds

200g mixed nuts, roughly chopped

150g dried fruit, roughly chopped if needed

50g coconut, desiccated or flakes

1tsp sea salt


Heat oven to 150.

Combine all the liquids in a large bowl then stir in the oats, seeds and nuts and mix well.

Spread onto 2 roasting trays and bake for 15 mins.

Add the fruit, coconut and salt, give it all a mix, and return to the oven for a further 15 mins or until golden and delicious smelling. Leave to cool completely then store in airtight container.

I reckon you could use golden syrup instead of maple if that’s what you’ve got but maybe only 100g as it’s so sweet! Also, coconut isn’t essential.

This is so good you will be making it all the time 👍

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