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68. Breakfast Croissant

Since the McMuffin incident I’ve been dreaming about fast food breakfasts and this is how I remember the pret egg croissant from when I first lived in London and used to buy one on my walk to work back in the early noughties. They dissapeared from pret years ago but when mum gave me a dozen MEGA homemade croissant for my birthday I had a flashback.

For each croissant:

1 croissant

1 egg

1tbsp mayo

1 slice prosciutto



Heat the oven to 180.

Boil the egg for about 7 and a half minutes. Meanwhile fry the prosciutto with a little oil til crisp.

Slice the croissant across the top like a hot dog bun and heat in the oven for 6 minutes.

Peel and mash the egg with a fork, mix in the mayo and salt to taste, then fill the croissant with the warm egg mayo, break up the prosciutto and stuff in the egg, drizzle artistically with ketchup and get ready to stuff your face.

Thanks for the croissants @grangreenwood🥐❤️

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