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21. Pussers Painkillers

Bit late today because I started drinking painkillers at lunchtime 😜 so now I’m gonna tell you how to make them!!! The first thing to do is go online and order a few tins of Coco Lopez, you can get it from Lakeland, Drinkstuff, or EBay, and if this bollocks is going to go on for a few more weeks you will thank me!

When I lived in the Virgin Islands this was kind of like breakfast...

For 2:

100ml golden rum

100ml pineapple juice

25ml orange juice

25ml Coco Lopez

Whole nutmeg for grating


Shake in a cocktail shaker and strain onto lots of ice. Grate nutmeg over the top.

Normal service will resume tomorrow when I’ve sobered up.

Bottoms Up and Happy Easter 🐰

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