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75. Crab, Jalapeño & Lime Toast

Still working our way through the mountain of amazing white crab we picked and froze from the last fish stall pop-up so made this quick lunch with fresh chilli and lime.

For 4:

200g fresh white crab meat

2tbsp creme fraiche

Handful dill leaves

1 jalapeño chilli

1 lime

4 thick slices rustic bread

Olive oil


Roughly chop the dill and thinly slice half the jalapeño from the bottom end, then deseed and finely dice the fat end.

Put the creme fraiche in a bowl and squeeze in the juice from half the lime. Mix well to loosen the creme fraiche then gently stir through the crab, diced chilli and half the dill. Taste, season and add more lime if you like.

Toast the bread, drizzle with olive oil, pile on the dressed crab and top with the sliced jalapeno and the rest of the dill. Serve with lime wedges for squeezing.

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