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52. Pillowy Nigella Flatbreads


NO yeast NO knead NO resting

And without the seeds only 3 ingredients.

For 2 largish flatbreads:

125g self raising flour

125g thick Greek yoghurt

1/2 tsp baking powder

2tsp Nigella seeds (or other seeds!)


Mix the flour, baking powder and a teaspoon of salt together in a bowl.

Add the yoghurt and stir to combine then tip out onto a floured surface and bring together with your hands, kneading long enough to form a smooth dough (only about 3 minutes). Divide into 2 and roll each into a ball with the palm of your hand, then roll out til about 3mm thick, sprinkle on the seeds and roll again to impregnate the seeds into the dough.

You can cook them on a HOT bbq, griddle pan or frying pan, with no oil, just dry.

They take about a minute on each side and will bubble up and brown in patches.

Drizzle with olive oil or melted butter if you like!

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